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We are here to decorate your dream space according to your personality. We can help you with all types of designs that suit your lifestyle and are extremely comfortable. Book a call with us and get the free estimate of designing your space today!

Lingaa Modular Kitchens has made giantstrides from being a Modular Kitchen manufacturer with 10 years experience, to a complete kitchen solution provider. We are committed to offer the best quality service and value for money to our clients. Interior Designing & home renovations involves structuring, arranging, furnishing, and constructing your place.

We have dedicated staffs to work closely with clients to find the perfect design for their projects. We work side by side with our customers, providing project coordination, cost impact, scheduling, and selections to ensure complete satisfaction.

Our interior decorators have access to an extended range of decorator pieces, to ensure we have you covered right down to the final finish.


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We have highly professional team

The Lingaa Modular Kitchens Factory is providing highly functional and aesthetic kitchen for the past 20 years. We bring the Indian and imported kitchen brands to suit your desires. We also bring in premium design looks more appealing for years. Contact us to craft your home with our designs.

We are commited

A professional interior designer adopts a systematic and methodological approach to the design environment, identifying the client’s requirement in context of the current condition, limitations, keeping in mind the aesthetic and durability aspects, be it for your home interior design or home interior decorating

We deliver best results

Our focus has always been to give our clients the best possible design solutions by bringing the most modern concepts and products based on their budget and need. Our professional credentials can often be evaluated by repeated orders or recommendations from the same clients.

We hear and appreciate your inputs

The approach is client centered and holistic. The design of the architecture and interiors derives from a through understanding of physical and culture setting, as well as the type of architecture of a building. Our primary duty is to assess your need and design you your bring your premises suitable for of your organization to function with pride and convenience.

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